Families Change Guide to Separation & Divorce

2.3 - Review Orientation Video

2.3 - Review Orientation Video

Let’s summarize what you learned by watching the Family Court Services Orientation Video.

In the video, you learned about child custody mediation and recommending counseling and that California law requires that parents attend mediation if they do not agree about parenting time. 

You learned that the mediator or child custody recommending counselor works with parents to help them develop agreements or parenting plans about their children. The other goals in mediation include helping parents with a plan that is in their child’s best interest and working on reducing acrimony or bitterness that may exist. 

The video also covered the types of issues that might be discussed in mediation and the various types of custody California law covers.  It also talked about what you should consider when making a parenting plan and how it needs to be flexible and changed as the child grows older.

In the next segment, you will have the opportunity to complete and exercise as part of the review of the material covered in the video. For more information on how to find assistance through your local court, visit the Self-Help section of the California Courts website.