Families Change Guide to Separation & Divorce

3.5 - Rebuilding

3.5 - Rebuilding

Divorce and separation involve a lot of changes. To create a new, sustained relationship or to have a satisfying life as a single person, it is important to rebuild.

It starts with a new home and then may include new friends, new hobbies and more. You could ask yourself: What are my long-term goals? As a single person, what dreams do I have for my future? How do I see myself growing?

You may need to regain your confidence to try new experiences.

  • After separation, it takes courage to try new relationships and new roles.
  • You might consider using the services of a personal coach or trainer to assist you with this task.

You may want to devise a plan to get on with your new life.

  • Parents need to take stock of their lives after separation.
  • In planning what you want to do, you should take the opportunity to learn about yourself and your children in a new way.

Try to understand the effects on your children when a new partner is introduced.

  • Take it slow.
  • At some point you might like to discuss this possibility with your former partner and how you will handle it.
  • You should also talk about your new relationship with your child.

Next, you will have the chance to complete two checklists to help you cope with the family break up and to move forward.