Families Change Guide to Separation & Divorce

1.3 - Why a PAS Course?

1.3 - Why a PAS Course?

It is important to understand why a Parenting After Separation course is necessary.
The process of separation and divorce is difficult - for both you and your children. While many think of separation as an event that occurs when one person moves out of the family home, the process of separation most often begins months, even years, before this departure. 

For this reason, parents are often coping with a buildup of stress at the time when separation actually occurs. This stress continues as you move into a period of change that affects you and your family: emotionally, financially, socially and legally. 

While managing complex adult issues of separation and divorce, you are faced with the challenge of developing new parenting living arrangements. In addition, separating parents often struggle with to how to best support their children and take care of their own needs.

Online PAS covers the same topics as the PAS sessions. Taking a Parenting After Separation course may help you minimize the potentially negative impact that separation may have on you and your children.