Families Change Guide to Separation & Divorce

4.2 - Kids in the Middle

4.2 - Kids in the Middle

Alice: I’m an expert here. My parents broke up and got back together three times.

Dennis: Breaking up is hard, even for us kids.

Alice: So we want to let parents know that what they do affects us. We hope this video can help parents avoid hurting us when they break up, separate, or get divorced.

Zachary: I haven’t seen my dad in three years. I miss him.

Chloe: All of a sudden this guy moves in. Mom didn’t tell me anything about her new boyfriend. What do I call him? Is he my stepdad?

Zachary: My dad has problems. I hope he can sort things out so he can come to my birthday.

Amber: Now I like having two homes, one with my mom and one with my dad.

Dylan: My mommy and daddy don’t live together anymore but they still love me.